#2214 Red Top 12 12-oz. Popper  –  $ 1760.00

12-oz. Kettle

Classic design works popping wonders with standout accents in this 12-oz. model.  Featuring a red powder-coated dome, satin anodized and welded cabinet, it’s the famous Whiz Bang kettle combined with a best-selling red-hot look.

(20.25″ x 20.5″ x 40″)

#2003-ST – Whiz Bang 12 oz. Popper  –  call for pricing

12-oz. Kettle

Our top-of-the-line just keeps getting better year after year. The Whiz Bang Stainless Steel with Lighted Sign popper is called the “Salesmaker” for a reason – the industry’s best capable of popping 220 – 1 oz. servings every hour with a removable Uni-Maxx® Kettle.

(28.5″ x 20.25″ x 38.5″)

#2001 – Citation 16-oz. Popper  –  call for pricing

16-oz. Kettle

High-performance has never looked so good – light up your popcorn sales with the 16-oz popper featuring an LED illuminated dome, plus extra working room and a forced-air crisping system.

(28″ x 20.5 x 43.5″)

#2554 – Macho Pop 16-oz. Popper  –  call for pricing

16-oz. Kettle

Add muscle and speed to your popping operation with an LED 16-oz. star.  This value-priced mid-sized 15-amp popper maximizes production with its unique filter system, creating higher volume and airflow.  Available in a variety of models for front or back counter and a special model with an easy switch for sweet or salt. Oil pump not included.

(26″ x 26″ 37″)