#2404 – Fun Pop 4-oz. Popper  –  $ 590.00

4 oz Kettle

Unique small size, big giant taste!  Count on the 4-oz popper to delight and dazzle with its classic, textured powder-coated paint and tempered glass design.  Features a removable E-Z Kleen Kettle, heated corn deck and twin-arm kettle suspension.

(18.5″ x 18″ x 24.5″)

#2660 – Deluxe 60 Special 6-oz. Popper  –  $ 1160.00
6 oz. kettle

There’s nothing ordinary about this 6-oz popper – its distinctive design and deluxe features make it an industry powerhouse, featuring a welded frame, tempered glass and E-Z Kleen Kettle, plus heavy-duty dome.

(18″ x 16″ x 31″)

#2488 – Super 88 8-oz. Popper  –  $ 1285.00

8 oz. kettle

The Super 88, a compact design with ample working space, is an 8-oz model that brings top-notch performance to any establishment.

(18″ x 16″ x 35″)

#2152 – Bronco Pop 8-oz. Popper  –  call for pricing

8 oz. Kettle

Get year after year of popcorn profits from this attention-getting 8oz. popper.  Count on this workhorse to keep on delivering – good-looking design meets heavy-duty construction, along with the signature classic red dome and built-to-last aluminum cabinet.

(20″ x 20″ x40″)

#2007 – Pop-A-Lot 8-oz. Popper  –  call for pricing

8 oz. kettle

Light up any room with this 8-oz. deluxe beauty.  The classic white dome top gives this model a sleek look, and the welded aluminum cabinet ensures it’s built to last.

(28″ x 20″ x 40″)